• At the core of this story is someone who feels uncomfortable, they feel between the lines and not completely like yourself; like you’re putting on an act. Which is why I like it so much. I think we all feel in between the lines more than we’d like to admit. And if you’ve never felt between the lines, I think you’re really lucky, and this is a chance to understand what that feels like.
  • Another thing about this story, I can’t imagine dealing with the constant stress, anxiety and fear trans people experience. If you meet someone who is trans, just love them and be their friend. Like you would with anyone, because they are not different than everyone else.
  • This is only the second book discussing LGBTQIA+ themes within Christianity and I am so glad. These stories need to be told and an inevitable part of that story is growing up in a Christian based nation that has historically (and many of its members still) been hostile toLGBTQIA+ people.
  • “I realized a person’s flaws could make them even more beautiful sometimes.” BRB JUST GOING TO CRY IN A CORNER.
  • The truths in this book are too real.
  • Bee likes Amanda, that’s why her and Chloe broke up.
  • Called it.
  • 8/10, I’m so glad I read this book. It was my goal this year to read more diverse and marginalized voices because I know so little about so much in the world. I know I say this a lot but everyone should read this book. It’s essential we read about topics we don’t understand and know little about so we learn and can support others who are struggling.