OK, let’s talk about survival. Real survival.

  • Note: I’ve never been in a life or death situation before (AKA freezing to death or dying of starvation/dehydration).

When we read these YA books that feature characters left freezing and trying to survive until morning, more often than not, IT’S COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC. A couple books that feature this particular annoyance to me are: Three Dark Crowns and Ivory and Bone and also some YA contemporary romance books that I can’t remember. But also Hollywood does this too, so it’s not like it’s just authors.

  • Note: I’m quite outdoorsie though. I camp and hike and canyoneer, so I know the rules of survival because you have to when you go out into the wilderness and there’s no cell reception, or if you become stranded.

Every time I read a book where the characters get naked to “keep each other warm” I roll my eyes. Because in real life, guess what would happen? They person who was warm before, will become cold, and the person who was cold will be warm for about 5 minutes and then turn cold again. Then they both will contract hypothermia because body heat is not enough.

  • Note: IMHO, it’s not “hot” to try to use your body temperature to warm someone else up naked. It’s dangerous and you’ll die.

Do you actually like this trope? Because if you do, that’s OK!! It just grinds my gear, but of course we’re all allowed to like what we like!