Spoilers May Apply

In which I read a book and tell you my honest reactions. So spoilers, obviously.

Review Policy/Editing Services

Review Policy

I read mostly young adult fiction and fantasy, but am open to adult or middle grade books as well. I will not read erotica, horror or biographies. If you would like to request that I review your book please send an email to kaeley.scruggs@hotmail.com with your book information and I am happy to consider reviewing it on my blog.

I reserve the right to decline any requests for reviews. All my reviews are honest and uninfluenced; whether I buy the book myself, borrow it from the library, or receive it free of charge.

Editing Services

I worked on a newspaper for two years and ran a professional blog for about 8 months before starting my own blog. I have been published in multiple capacities and have served as an editor for one year. I am well versed in grammar, but specialize in the Associated Press Style (journalism) of writing. If you would like to see examples of my work please let me know.

If you would like me to copy edit your work, please send an email to kaeley.scruggs@hotmail.com with your name and tell me about your work and we can work out an agreement. I give discounts to students and marginalized voices. If you are on a tight budget let me know, I can be flexible.

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