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  • Dear boy who stole her milkshake: HOW THE LITERAL CRAP COULD YOU?? This is literally the stuff of petty dramas.
  • I really feel for Cad, and other characters in this situation, because I’ve been there. I’ve been the replaced friend, on multiple occasions. It’s easy to see it happening but feel powerless to stop it.
  • Sometimes Often I hate Cad for being rude and terrible to Suze, because she realizes she’s being terrible, like the badminton thing. I’m basically in a crowd all the time (my husband’s twin) and trying to hog the attention NEVER works.
  • But also I hate Roz a little bit for doing this to Cad.
  • Reading the words on the page I literally could not believe them when Cad was carrying out her plan at the diner. I know she didn’t know what trigger warnings are, and good for her for researching it but can you please READ PAST THE 1ST SENTENCE ON THE WIKI PAGE?
  • I was wondering what kind of a trigger this was going to be for Suze. Wow, this is like the worst possible situation for anything to happen.
  • But I also have major amounts of respect for Cad for following Suze out of the diner and then actually admitting to her mistake. I like major props.
  • I love their friendship and why did I wait so long to read this book?
  • Also, I’m really curious what’s going to happen here because when words appear like “I didn’t know until much later…” make it seem like it’s a memoir and what is going to happen to Cam and Suze. At this point, Rosie is a minimal character so I don’t have to worry about her quite yet.
  • The party. I mean I don’t exactly approve of underage drinking (actually I completely don’t approve of any irresponsible activities). But it’s not like they’re doing anything out of the very ordinary for teenage people.
  • Also, Rosie getting mad at Cad is understandable. Cad should have trusted Roz cared more about a drunk person who needed help than making out with some guy.
  • Literal hell, Okay going to Reading, three hours away, is one thing. Not returning, is another. Why didn’t Cad LEAVE  and say to Suze, “Hey, I’m going home”? I mean, that’s the hard part because Suze would probably sneer at her and then caller her a party pooper. I have no idea how to convince someone how to do something when they want to do the exact opposite.
  • OK, so I didn’t write a lot during the last portion of the book because there was a lot of tension in the writing and I didn’t know exactly what to say.
  • I liked that the ending wasn’t exactly happy. It was like bittersweet, which was fitting.
  • 7/10 it was a enjoyable, though sometimes alarming, read and I did really love the characters. I enjoyed the discussion on what it means to be a good friend. Is being a good friend saying what they want to hear or they need to hear? Is it doing what they won’t or can’t? Is forcing them out of their comfort zone invasive or helping them “take the plunge”?  I’m not really sure what all these answers are, and I doubt we’ll ever know.