• Acronym=A Court of Mist and Fury, second book to A Court of Thorns and Roses.

• Well Tamlin might not see it this way but Feyre IS a prisoner at this mansion.

• Also, I don’t like how controlling this is getting, “for the good of the kingdom.” The kingdom will NEVER forget this. Appearances are so overrated. I mean I do have an idea of what’s going to happen and because I’ve heard stuff about Rhysand/Tamlin on Twitter so I’m a little pretty biased. Plus I liked Rhysand a LOT when I met him in ACOTAR.

• Why is it people are totally fine with guarding people from physical harm but push mental harm and trauma to the side. I mean it’s hard to talk about hard stuff yes. But Tamlin is so intent on saving Feyre from the Naga and whatever else slipped through the guards and he doesn’t acknowledge she’s suffering from PTSD and has NO one to help her.

• I mean, Tamlin loves Feyre and passion *air quotes* but he’s not giving her any attention except physical so yup:


• I actually half expected Rhysand to show up the night before the wedding. That would have been theatrical and exciting, but showing up in the middle of it is equally amusing.

• YES YES YES. Help her learn to use her power!! She’s just getting babied and shoved under a rock at the Spring Court. Show her the true power of the night!!! I admit that line was pretty cliché but it felt so good saying that in my head!!

• That thing at the Tithe is disgusting. I feel like Tamiln’s legitimately the villain right now.

• Shipping Rhysand and Feyre forever. There’s no going back. Tamilin had his chance. I mean, Feyre went to talk to Tamlin. She explained what his controlling actions meant/communicated to her. He’s obviously not right in the head. I mean, he’s not the only person who lost people, he’s not the only person who saw people suffer. But he IS NOT the only person.

• Oh my effing crap. Nothing Tamlin does will make this up to me. I’ll NEVER get over how he TRAPED her in the house. The absolute worst thing to do. I mean technically he might not know about how traumatic it is for her to be trapped somewhere, but HE SHOULD. Because he should also understand what it feels like, he should at least be able to sympathize with her.

• As much as I adore and am eager to ship Feyre and Rhysand, I actually was expecting, and looking forward to, a platonic relationship between them. Alas, it was not mean to be.

• Wow, OK, so it’s been a long time since I’ve written something compared to how much I’ve read. I’m actually like 2/3 in now. But I want to discuss Feyre. I’ve been around Twitter/the blogsphere a little and some people don’t like her. And after I thought about it, I understand why they don’t like her. She can be reckless, fickle and finicky. I think she sees herself as the victim, which she most certainly is. Don’t get me wrong, I mean I was with her Under the Mountain. But she constantly reflects on her horror that she allowed Tamlin to do all the things he did to her, and yet she’s allowing Rhysand to do the same thing to her, albeit with many more freedoms. So I know she’s experienced trauma and I’m truly sorry for it, but I feel like she’s allowing it to define her, which I’m not as much of a fan of. But IDK I mean, I’ve never experienced trauma like that, so what do I know.

• I also don’t think ACOMAF is as much of a feminist book as people make it out to be. I mean, yeah, Rhysand is an absolute GOD, and all his ideas are great and good. But we forget she only learns/accepts all of the (good) things he’s saying (e.g. Women shouldn’t only have to bear children, classes should be destroyed, she’s not a pet, Tamlin wanted to keep her away from the world because he wanted Feyre for himself) because a MALE is feeding it down her throat. I mean, it’s very anti-feminist. Which is what most books these days chock themselves up to be. There may be a female character, but she’s still being educated by a man, she’s still victimized, she’s still treated like she knows nothing and has to be taken care of.

• OK, what’s frustrating is that the “mate” detour did feel like drawing it out. But I can attempt to understand how hard that might be to accept. IDK how I feel about that part.

• Man, it’s just like ACOMAF. Like during the last 50 pages everything goes CRAZY and then and then!!! Wow, completely losing my it over this.

• Oh man, indeed a slight of hand. Goodness. I mean, yeah, that last moment when she’s revealed to be HIGH LADY. YAAAAAS. Oh yeah, I mean those TWO tricks. You know where ELAIN IS LUCIEN’S MATE. Dang, people be finding their mate all over the place.

• EW. Tamlin’s greasy hands all over her. Disgusting.

• 8/10, I’ll definitely read this book again sometime!! It’s just such a fun book, with extensive relationships, amusing (though highly explicit) flirting and to cap it all off, MY SHIP CAME TRUE.