• Ah, I love a good teenage romance.

• But I’m also looking to read about dealing with grief too.

• I already feel like I identify with Leenie a lot because when something bad in my life happens, I’ll feel sad for a while but then when something good happens, I’ll feel happy. Until I’m reminded of the sad thing, that is. That’s what it was like when I was having a hard time at least.

• Whenever Gran or someone else tells Lennie “This isn’t normal,” when Lennie doesn’t want to pack up Bailey’s things or when she stops talking to all her friends except the boys who magically are interested in her. Okay, I give Joe a pass since he moved after Bailey died. But Toby, I mean they’re both responsible. But Toby is older and just needs to take responsibility. She’s not Bailey, even if they have the same hair (but not the same eyes, face, personality etc). In conclusion (the whole point of this bullet), I don’t personally feel like it’s my place to tell people how to grieve/how not to grieve I mean if you need to have sex, have sex. If you need to pull away from family/friends, pull away from family/friends. But at the same time. I just think, “What if I don’t try to help them get over it and then they never get over it. That would be my fault wouldn’t it.” Is it worse to let them grieve, or not let them grieve. I’m not really sure.

• *Disclaimer* I’m never experienced traumatic grief like Lennie does. My sister and mom are still alive and well, but I can’t help think that you don’t gravitate towards strangers/romantic relationships with the deceased’s ex. But I don’t know. People do end up as romantic parters with the deceased’s previous because they bond over grief. In my mind, when grieving, you cling to your family. But again, I don’t know. It could go either way I’m sure.

• To be fair Toby and Lennie don’t seem to be doing a lot of grieving when they’re in each other’s presence.

• I love Joe.

• OK, yes what Lennie did is definitely wrong, I’m not excusing that. But hanging around Rachel just to get a rise out of Lennie is NOT the proper response. Major loss of brownie points.

• OK, I do love Joe but I’m at a crossroads again. Not forgiving someone seems like a really callous thing to do, but then infidelity is it. Thinking about it myself, would I forgive someone for doing that to me? I’m not sure. Sometimes I like to think I wouldn’t and sometimes I like to think I would forgive them. It changes by the day.

• I love how nonjudgmental Gram is about seeing Lennie kissing Toby. She is the epitome of unconditional love.

• This:

“There’s not one truth ever, just a whole bunch of stories, all going on at once, in our heads, in our hearts, all getting in the way of each other.”

• One thing I’m certain of. Those who pass on want us to live. They want us to be happy and love and enjoy the breeze and audition for first chair. They want us to do everything.

• 6/10 Lennie kind of drove me crazy for a lot of the book, but at the same time, I understand her. I love the writing and how raw and honest it is. I also love Joe. And although we didn’t get to learn everything about everything, it was concluded, which I appreciate and love. Would definitely recommend!

What did you think of the discussion of grief? Did you enjoy the book? Let me know!!