This reviews is a little different than my other reviews I do my typical reviews. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I didn’t like the book. Maybe it’s because it’s a graphic novel. I’m not really sure. But here’s essentially what I posted on Goodreads because this is literally all I can cox out of myself for any sort of “feelings” on this book.

Dropped at about 50 percent. People kept telling me this book was amazing and hilarious. But I didn’t like the characters. I felt nothing nearing relativity or understanding of these characters. The timeline was confusing, the reviews kept saying comments similar to “coming of teenage years” and “the essence of being a teenager” but by the sounds of it they were in college. I just couldn’t get down with Clowes style, which is sad because I’d heard such great things.

• This isn’t to say I don’t like Graphic Novels. I love them!! I think they’re a great untapped genre and too many people know much too little about them/have never read them.