• The writing is in second person, interesting choice! It took a little to get use to, but I kind of like it; it’s a good deviation from first and third which are overwhelmingly more popular.

• Interested to learn about Mya’s backstory.

• Alright, now that they’ve had that awkward interaction right before chapter 4, I’m intensely curious to know what happened between the clans.

• For all the mystery and cynicism behind the history of the two clans, it’s implications and why that particular woman mattered so much, hasn’t been explain. But I suspect it was Mya’s and Seeri’s mother. I felt a little… let down? When I heard what it was too. Maybe why it’s so significant will become apparent.

• I seriously thought Pek was going to die on that canoeing trip and I’m sincerely glad I was surprised.

• Yeah, they better pack that canoe full of gifts, Chev as good as said, “Never show up on my clan doorstep, you hear me?” *3 days later* Pek: “Yeah, I think imma go visit Seer— *cough* I mean the Olen clan!”

• I’m like halfway through and I haven’t adjusted to the writing style yet. Second person is just so odd…!

• OK, I’m a little… turned off by how… male centered this book is. Sure I mean, yeah it’s supposed to take place in older times which means yes it is more likely to have sexism. But if you’re going to throw in a touch of modernity (Chev and Yano are clearly openly gay with the tribe) then why make such a misogynistic culture? Like Chev and Pek and Kol are engaging in talk about Seeri’s engagement to what’s-his-name and they’re all weighing in on it and I mean Seeri is just sitting there looking down and what’s-his-name doesn’t say anything about it. Not even like, “Hey I know you hit it off with Seeri, but I really like her too and I was here first so hands off.” And ALSO, he’s not even sitting by flipping Seeri. Like he’s across the circle. Pek is the one sitting next to Seeri and I just don’t understand why this is happening/how this is part of the plot.

• Also it appears the only people Kol, or any of the main characters really are able to speak ill of are women. Maybe once or twice have we heard something negative about Chev. All other complaints have been about mostly Mya, and Shava, now that we’ve met her.

• Lo is Mr. Wickham then?

• No actually, we haven’t met Seeri’s betrothed because literally NOTHING was said about him except that he’s really good at making pelts. Good for flipping him!

• The blurb on the front says “Two Clans. Only one will survive.” But I’m about 200 pages into this book and there’s nothing that hints at the clans in a war. I mean, I guess the prologue kind of hinted at it. But being stranded with someone could mean anything.

• How is it too late for Kol to go to his clan and warn them? They’re all literally at the same place still.

• OK, letting go into the darkness and opening your eyes is NOT the same thing. There wasn’t even like a “last ditch effort for him to open his eyes.”

• Excellent, laying naked next to each other will solve EVERYTHING. Except it won’t do anything except make both of them really cold. This is a survival tactic made up by Hollywood to flame the hearts of hopeless romantics around the world. It doesn’t actually work. Never do this is you’re actually in this situation.

• 2/10, the writing was cryptic the plot convenient (like the betrothal was “suddenly” broken and there’s no rules for this world. Which maybe is what makes me the most annoyed. They’re bound by even human limitations and those don’t even stop them! I mean, Kol had a sprained ankle and still managed to get all the way to his camp, then up the hill to the cave at Mya’s camp them all over creation at Mya’s camp and swimming. Did it ever hurt him again? NOPE not until the danger was over!! Oh yeah, and they’re talking about a patriarchal hierarchy which is fine, but that doesn’t even seem to bind them by the rules since Kesh pretty much proposes without so much as a whisper and everything is so rushed with no pretense like it’s so difficult to follow.

• The best thing about this book is the cover. It’s stunning!

• Also this tweet I sent:Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 1.21.34 PM

• If you agree with my review, please enjoy these GIFs of Princess Bubblegum turning over tables bc that’s pretty much how I feel about this book right now.