• THE FIRST CHAPTER IS HERE. Also, this book comes out on my birthday, someone please tell me that’s not a sign to buy it there and then.

• I just want to trust Elias so much because we read about him as much as we read about Laia and if he betrays her (which he probably won’t since he, you know, gave up his life for her. Just casually), I will be torn to shreds. Please JUST LET ME LOVE YOU.

• I love how human and compassionate he is, even if he doesn’t think so.

• He’ll get it anyway? Indeed, who is he. But why would he need silver? Also, the creature knew his name. Do all magical creatures just know things. Or did it acquire the knowledge some other way, and if some other way, how?

• Also, what is going to happen with The Commandant trifling with the Nightling?

• What to say after that chapter. WHO KNOWS??? So many questions not enough answers. Oh yes, August, or rather September, cannot come soon enough.