• It’s adorable. Just like in the “You Belong With Me” music video.

• I’m upset because #WhiteWashedOut. After I read Michael Wong I was like, “Oh finally, an Asian,” because Amy Zhang is obviously Chinese, and then I thought about it and thought, “So why can’t Micah and Janie be Asians with English names?” It’s awful, if you want to read more about why visit this Medium post I wrote about it.

• Okay, this character seems to have the excitement of Margo from Paper Towns (But I don’t dislike her like Margo… yet), and IMHO she’s a little too unbelievable. IDK if I can believe there’s a high school girl who acts like this, which is maybe very short-sighted of me. I’m sorry.

• I can’t everyone. I’m sorry. DNF, page 60. I’m interested in the plot, but the writing isn’t interesting enough. The execution is just not there. I wanted so bad to like it.