I felt a general sense of indignation after finishing Frozen 2. Like there goes 1.5 hours of my life I’ll never get back. I’m not quite sure what I had watched—I just knew it wasn’t good. I don’t know if it’s just me or if  I’m just extremely disappointed by sequels that should have been great (I’m looking at your Incredibles 2 and The Force Awakens) and tell the same story. I know Frozen isn’t an exact copy, but I couldn’t help notice the similarities and ask myself “Haven’t I seen this before?”

Maybe because they just couldn’t let any of the stuff from Frozen, go. They kept referencing jokes from at the first movie (Hans during Charades, Hans during the recap [that was totally unnecessary] Hans during Elsa’s memory scene—Reindeer love during Hans song, Reindeer as a love as a whole, reindeer with that guy from the forest that we all knew had wild amounts of chemistry with Kristoff) that’s like OK, fine. Except for the part that there weren’t any NEW jokes at all. Also the recap, I get they were trying to be funny, but it just had be rolling my eyes. This is a SEQUEL people. We KNOW what happened. I felt like they were trying to kill screen time. It just seemed like they allocated all the resources for the writers (specifically the comedians) to the animation department and were like, sell the movie (the animation really was gorgeous

Also the music dragged, I think the one I would listen to again is like… the song Anna and Olaf sing in the beginning. I liked the one the mom sang at the beginning. I didn’t care for the lyrics, they didn’t support the story or the tone of the movie. It felt like this movie didn’t have a tone? Consistent tone in movies is dead, this was the final nail in the coffin. It was all over the place.

Kristoff’s song was horrible, like a cheesy ballad, but it wasn’t good. Photoshop from the 90s called, they want their techniques back.

Also, speaking of Kristoff, where was he the whole move?? He had NO arc, like where did all that character development go? Honestly, there wasn’t a reason to have him in the movie at all. Struggling to take a step in a relationship can be part of a character arc, I’m not denying that. It’s just if said character never actually does anything to overcome the fear of making a commitment, it can’t be a part of a character arc. The fact that he had that kind of an arc at all just made me really sad. It didn’t really feel like the right move for him. His character arc wasn’t resolved in a respectful way either. It was just like thrown in there as an afterthought. “Oh yeah, Kristoff was doing… something right?” -the scriptwriters probably.

Although the movie was like 2 hours, nothing actually happened? Like I guess Elsa just learned she wanted to go into the unknown and live apart from Anna despite her love for Anna being exactly what she’s ALWAYS wanted for the entire first movie? I liked that Elsa was presented as an independent Queen who would actually rule and do stuff instead of a Disney Princess who married into it and now there’s like nothing to do—Rapunzel, Moana, and Tiana had this feeling too (the most recent Disney princesses do). I liked that a Disney Princess wanted to go into the unknown, I just didn’t want it this way. For Elsa and her overall arc, (and taking into context the first movie) what I wanted is for Elsa to feel the call of the unknown and for her to face danger there and then realize that family is really where it’s at. That being with Anna and Kristoff is where she belongs. I wanted this arc for a different Disney Princess. It would be cool to have a Disney Princess actually want to explore and have that drive and see where it takes her kingdom. Like maybe it’s a kingdom stuck in it’s old ways (like Moana), and it takes this Disney Princess to discover new things (idk what, I’m not a scriptwriter) and bring them back to save them. So she’s like a professional explorer or something.

I felt frustrated by Anna just giving up because Olaf flurried away. I don’t really get why that signaled Elsa’s death. Is it because there’s so much magic surrounding Olaf that it means Elsa’s magic has to have died?? Honestly I could have done without Olaf the entire movie. Anna was more distraught by Olaf leaving than Kristoff not being around, and we’re supposed to believe she wants to marry this guy?

Whew, okay. So there was one thing I liked in this movie. I do think the movie teaches good morals. Like making amends and taking responsibility when you know you’re at fault. I didn’t expect for this movie to bring up colonialism, and it does it reasonably well—even though it doesn’t stick the landing. Anna accepts that Arendelle is at fault for the forest being frozen in time (though I don’t see how Elsa shooting up a burst of frost allows Anna to see what happened in the past—it’s like every movie Elsa gets some new power that isn’t explained) and despite knowing she’ll lose her home, she makes the decision to make things right and make amends. Though a lot of people have pointed out that Arendelle never actually has to lose anything or sacrifice anything to.

Also Elsa has a basic scene where she jumps around in a castle ice structure  while she sings and there’s some symbol that’s really pretty on the floor and she gets a new dress. What else is new? Also this is super petty but can we get a different hairdo for Elsa? Like she’s a mf goddess/spirit/former queen. Can our gay queen get something a little… more?

The feeling I mostly felt was “when is the movie over?” Which is disappointing. Because like, no I won’t just “let it go”.