Top Ten Tuesdays was created by The Broke and Bookish, but is now hosted weekly by That Artsy Reader Girl and anyone is free to participate! This week’s topic is favorite couples in books which I’m really excited about!

I love “love”. I love the concept of it. I love romantic love seeing it between other people. It gives me no greater joy than seeing two people who are in love come together and live happily ever after. Which is why I love reading romance. It’s so hard to pick favorites because I read so many, but I was able to narrow it down to a few absolute favorites and a few recent favorites. Alright, let’s go!

  • Macey and Elliot from Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren
    Macey and Elliot are that kind of couple that you look away at whenever they share an inside joke because it’s just so intimate and private. I loved Macey and Elliot from the beginning. I loved their interactions and honesty with each other. I loved how much they grew (and didn’t grow) together and how they grew while away from each other. This is definitely not a traditional romance book—I see it as more literary fiction than anything. But it still was so sweet none-the-less.
  • Ayesha and Khalid from Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin
    I absolutely fell in love with this Pride and Prejudice retelling. It offers the best of what a Pride and Prejudice retelling can be and I loved how well it captured the characters, but also how Jalaluddin made them her own.
  • Arthur and Ben from What If It’s Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera
    Despite hating this book because of the ending, I really did love Arthur and Ben. Both are so pure and just had so little time together—it’s not their fault their book ended distastefully. I loved how much they were able to grow and learn, together in their relationship and individually. They both grew up so much that summer they met.
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  • Tessa, Will and Jem from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare
    Lord is there some polyamory fanfic I can read about them? Because even if this list is for couples, I ship all three of them together so hard. It’s been a long battle to come to this conclusion, no one wants the full story of how and why I shipped Tessa and Will then Tessa and Jem, then finally all three of them. But needless to say, the world would be more complete if Clare just made them all in a polyamorous relationship together—parabatai restrictions notwithstanding.
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  • Rei-chan and Hina-chan from San Gatsu No Lion (March Comes in Like A Lion) by Chica Umino
    I love Rei-chan and Hina-chan together with a fiery passion. They are so pure and their attachment is so strong even though they’re so young. Rei-chan grows so much with Hina-chan’s help and Hina-chan finds no greater comfort than in Rei-chan. You will cry so many tears for them and how slowly their relationship develops.
  • Doh Gayong and Han Woojin from Something About Us by Yunji Lee
    High school friends to lovers is complete in Doh Gayong and Han Woojin, both who are so polite and considerate you’d have to be a monster not to love them. Both of their arcs and how they come together is so beautiful and I can’t wait for the live-action that will hopefully come out later this year.
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  • Rachel Chen and Nick Young from Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan
    I loved book Rachel and Nick. But I love movie Rachel and Nick even more. They have this undeniable chemistry that absolutely makes the movie. You can bet it wouldn’t have been as good with either of them replaced.
  • Kaya and Nero from Beginner’s Guide: Love and Other Chemical Reactions by Six de los Reyes
    I LOVE Kaya and Nero from Beginner’s Guide, they’re so perfect for each other and they give me all the happy feelings. I love the concept (a love experiment) and I love how they come together. Also Reyes has some serious talent for creating chemistry between characters and I love it.
  • Nina and Matthias from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
    It really is hard to choose which couple from Six of Crows is best. Right now it’s Nina and Matthias because I’m reading King of Scars and remembering how much they helped each other grow and learn and enhance each other’s lives is really gunning for them as my favorite couple from Six of Crows. Not to say I don’t adore Jesper and Wylan and appreciate Kaz and Inej.
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  • Natasha and Daniel from The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon
    I love love LOVE Natasha and Daniel. And I am so excited for the movie! I feel like they look a little too old… And the full trailer revealed a little too much for people who haven’t read the book. But I love both of them so much already and I’m so ready for it to be this summer’s rom-com like Crazy Rich Asians last year.

What are your favorite couples? Let’s gush about them together!!