• After setting up a nice dinner and saying “I have an important question,” Lottie’s long-term boyfriend asks “what’s wrong with you?” Oh yes because it’s 100 percent her *rolls eyes*. I can’t feel like this is normal. I mean surely they’ve seriously talked about marriage. Aren’t surprise proposals like, not existent anymore?
  • Wow after all that fanfare she’s just going to pretend like she broke up with him and said “no” even though she was flaunting it to all those women in the restroom, lol. This is too good.
  • Wow, Fliss is fairly petty
  • haha Lottie joined a cult last time she broke up with someone?
  • Fliss has her ex-husband on speed dial? Does she work with him or something? Why would she have him on speed dial?
  • Oooh, well having a kid, that makes sense to be in frequent contact with your ex…
  • Wait, Fliss keeps a USB drive on a chain around her neck with all the incidents that causes her distress?? Is she serious?
  • Ah Mormons, polygamy is really their only legacy haa
  • hmmm, both the sisters are rather judgemental if you ask me. They seem a little off-kilter—Like they both lack a distinct amount of common sense and general niceness.
  • “A lot can change in a man’s twenties. Ben could have turned up looking like anything. He could have been bald. He could have been paunchy and stooped. He could have developed some kind of irritating tic.” Ah yes, because physical appearances are the most important change when you haven’t seen someone in 15 years.
  • Wait, Lottie doesn’t remember nursing him when Ben had the flu… Are there two women he was sleeping with on the Greek Island whose name escapes me?
  • “Sometimes I think, what an idiot I was to let you go. What a fucking stupid idiot… We might be married by now. We might have kids. My life might make sense.” He’s almost talking to himself, popping with a kind of suppressed emotion I can’t read.” Wow that was REALLY fast to go into a confession. I mean I’m all for second-chances but that was REALLY fast and Ben’s is putting a lot of expectations on Lottie.
  • This proposal would be so much more romantic if he wasn’t drunk *eye roll*
  • Lottie and Ben are just casually talking about having sex and how much they want it with so many people nearby. I would be so uncomfortable if I heard someone nearby talking about this! At! Dinner! I’M JUST TRYING TO ENJOY MY MEAL PLEASE KEEP YOUR FOREPLAY TO A MINIMUM!
  • “I reach under the table with my bare foot and slowly walk it up the inside of his leg. His face is transfixed. Never fails, this one.” Lol men are so weak.
  • How does one “casually open their two top buttons”???? Wouldn’t that draw the attention of several people????!?!
  • Hmmm… so no sex until they’re married. I mean whatever works for you, you should do it. But it doesn’t seem like she’s making a conscious decision; it just seems like she’s doing it because she’s superstitious.
  • ??? He started nibbling on her thumb???
  • “Soon.” He sounds desperate. “Really, really soon.”
    Okay, so this would be sweet if he was talking about marriage instead of him just wanting to have sex faster.
  • How can Fliss think using a condom is an acceptable item to use for a CHILDREN’S SCHOOL PROJECT. I mean I know she’s short on time but SERIOUSLY?
  • “Not gay handsome, which that awful Jamie was, always preening and competing over carbs.” I really hate that this was included in the book.
  • Lottie’s story of her proposal makes it TOTALLY sound like Richard proposed, from Fliss’s point of view, I mean. Is Lottie NOT going to clarify she didn’t get engaged to Richard?
  • Oh good, Lottie is telling Fliss it’s not Richard.
  • Oh and Lottie’s mad now Fliss didn’t know? HOW DID SHE NOT SEE THIS IS CONFUSING?
  • Lottie and Fliss seriously have a bizarre relationship. They just cancel willy-nilly on each other and the other is fine with it???
  • Ah enter man no. 2 for Fliss, apparently Lorcan, Ben’s Best Man??–““Exactly!” I say. “And you’re best man? I have no idea how this came about, but I was thinking maybe we could get together and—” “And what? Plan the table decorations?” He talks right over me.”
  • ““You think my sister’s a gold digger?” I erupt. “That’s what you think?” I have never been so insulted in all my life. The arrogant … conceited … shit. I’m breathing faster and faster, staring daggers at his screen face.”
    I can’t help but think of Lizzie Bennet when I read this lol. It’s so her.
  • I’m glad someone else (Fliss and Lorcan) acknowledge this is all about sex. I mean we as the readers are all thinking it. They are pretty tactless.
  • Can ANYONE just not have sex drunk PLEASE?
  • Lottie: “Ben couldn’t wait [to get married]”
    Me: I think you mean “to have sex”
  • Lorcan basically pushed them towards marriage by being like “dont’ do that!”, so he’s not as cool as he put off. Not to mention he used two other people to get revenge.
  • Isn’t Fliss’s boss going to be pissed she’s taking another family emergency?
  • WHOA, is Fliss going to cancel their room or something at the hotel? (Fliss works at a very successful hotel review site by the way).
  • Oh yes, nothing like one line statements makes another person feel happy. Come on “no questions Ben” time to be engaging!!
  • Ew gross, Lottie and Ben are going to do it in the airport bathroom? That’s disgusting and so unsanitary.
  • Oh well yes if it’s 20 minutes till boarding that’s perfect. Nothing like a time constraint to make things romantic…
  • Okay, telling the hotel to sabatoge their room/wedding night is a serious abuse of power and boundaries on Fliss’s part…
  • I mean she feels guilty… but apparently not guilty enough!
  • haha to try and get rid of the butler’s Lottie just asked for a super complicated item.
  • ““Stop looking at that!” I leap up and grab it from his hands before I’m fully aware of what I’m doing. “Stop it!” I crumple the paper furiously and throw it on the floor. I’m panting and my cheeks are blazing. Lorcan stares at the paper, apparently bemused. “Mummy!” says Noah, in delighted shock. “Litterbug!” All the other airline passengers have turned to stare at me. Great.”
    I swear this whole book is just people embarrassing themselves…
  • Omg, so now Richard is going to the Greek Island as well as Fliss AND Lorcan.
  • ARE WE KIDDING RIGHT NOW? He flipping rubs peanut oil, which she’s allergic to, and then says “oh well I mean just ENDURE the horrible burning and discomfort and you’ll have a GREAT TIME. This isn’t about me or anything and how I just want to have sex with you and married you because you said you wouldn’t have sex until we got married. Try getting on those rocks over there it’s all about ME and my penis” He’s a disgusting pic, is this what people call romantic these days? How did people like him? We’re supposed to be rooting for this trash human being?
  • “Come on!” I say to myself crossly. “I’ve had root-canal surgery. I can do this.” “Root-canal surgery?” Ben sounds mortally offended. “Sex with me is like root-canal surgery?” “That’s not what I meant!” “You’ve been avoiding sex with me all holiday,” he snarls, suddenly losing his temper. “I mean, what kind of a bloody honeymoon is this?” This is such an unfair accusation that I recoil with shock. “I haven’t avoided sex!” I cry. “I want it as much as you do, but I … It’s so painful.…” I cast around desperately. “Could we try tantric sex?”
  • “A tear rolls down my cheek, then another. He hasn’t even asked me if my allergy is dangerous. I mean, not that it is, but still. He isn’t exactly concerned, is he? The first time Richard saw me react to peanuts, he wanted to drive me to the ER right then. And he’s always scrupulous about checking menus and the boxes of ready meals. He’s really thoughtful—”
    Yeah, Richard is thoughtful you bimbo. LOTTIE 100 PERCENT DOES NOT DESERVE RICHARD HOLY SHIT.
  • Ben: “I didn’t mean it, but I’m desperate so desperate for you.”
    Ah yes, this is the peak of romance™
  • 0/10—Is it possible to rate a book negatively? Goodreads would only let me vote 1 star and that is still not enough. I HATED this book and it’s only by the grace of Godzilla that I was able to read so long. Usually, I don’t rate books that I don’t finish, but I read enough of the book to get a feel for it. And the feeling was the pit of hell. Alright, let’s go:
    • This was my first Sophie Kinsella book and I can’t say I’ll be repeating.
    • The main characters were either pigs or so petty they might push someone off the edge of the earth because that person accidentally stepped on their foot and *gasp* didn’t say sorry! I have so many examples of Fliss, Lottie, and Lorcan all being judgemental and petty. What’s even likable about them?!?! That’s like the main quality of all of them. Ben is just a childish immature asshole who again, doesn’t care about anyone except himself, his penis, and his libido. I fucking hate all of them so much. There was NOTHING relatable about them.
    • I can’t tell you how exhausting and offensive for this book to be about Lottie and Ben and them wanting with a burning passion to have sex but oh it looks like the butler showed up–Rinse and repeat.
    • Around 30 percent, Fliss was WAY more interesting to read about.
    • I also feel mislead by the summary, it felt like this was a story about Lottie and Ben but it ended up being two love stories slammed together and neither one of them particularly cute or endearing. IS THIS A FUCKING ROMANCE OR NOT???!??!?!
    • Also, I forgot to mention this when I was reading it and only now realized how messed up it is. Ben calls Lottie at her place of work. She’s not the CEO of a company or an editor at a major magazine. Her contact information isn’t just around (or maybe it is in Brittain), so he basically had to stalk her to find her. That’s not a great start and should have been my clue this book is hella screwy.