• CW: death of a parent(s)
  • “And although Mom likely never intended that we actually buy a weekend home, my dad—a literal type—saved, and planned, and researched all the small towns north of San Francisco, preparing for the day when he would need to invest in our retreat.”
    Okay but how can you NOT weep for her dad and how precious he is after her mom died.
  • she describes her thought process as leapfrogging through different subjects and yes this is exactly how my mind works.
  • “hovered above me in the closet” Like were younger her and Elliot making out or he was helping you grab something???
  • This had better be a epic-ass love story because her whole crypticness and cynicism is really setting it up.
  • We interrupt your normal blogging format to inform you main character Macy is engaged to Sean but Elliot was the child-sweetheart so you as the reader don’t get confused.
  • SHE’S SO CLUMSY I’M LIVING. She walks out of the coffee shop to avoid him, realizes she’s going the wrong way and then crashes into him. YES.
  • How does she actually avoid Elliot?? They clearly have some very strong history, why don’t we get time with him???? gdi
  • I repeat, whatever shit happened better have been an effing good because they act like someone committed a murder or something.
  • I mean I see her point that Sean didn’t tell her about his daughter, but at the same time if you’re hooking up with someone when is the right time to tell them you have a daughter. I guess maybe when you bring them home? “Oh yeah, let’s have sex and stuff but oh yeah maybe keep your noise to a minimum as a small child could interupt at one time.
  • Oh, he showed up where she works? THAT’S NOT COOL.
  • “You knew that. You had to have known that I’d be here, waiting.”
    I swallow a sip of water quickly to reply. “I don’t think I knew that you were still hoping I’d—” “I loved you.”
    Um wow. This is drama in the best sense of the word. Wow. I’m in love.
  • “I know I messed up, but was it that bad? So bad you just vanished?” No, it wasn’t. Not at first.
  • This is so sad. He just said so much by giving her his written book. I weep.
  • “I’d always told myself the first man I was with and didn’t feel wrong about, I would marry.”
    “That seems like . . . some sturdy criteria.”
    “It felt right.”
    “But really,” Elliot says, drawing a finger through a drop of water that’s made its way to the tabletop, “according to that criteria, technically wouldn’t that person be me?”
    Wow, cheeky bastard
  • WOW you know some people just have no subtlety about what they’re thinking. Elliot is just so transparent.
  • Okay, wow 11 years is a long gap. When are we going to get the story. Not the end of the book surely…
  • “Because it would make it feel like I’m your boyfriend?” oh SNAP, kid Elliot just raised the stakes.
  • Sean: “if it makes you wonder what you’re doing here, with me, then we need to talk about it.”
    Macy: “It doesn’t, really. It’s just been emotional to see him.”
    I feel like “a little” is kind of an understatement to describe how much she’s lying to him…
  • “[I] saw Dad appear. His frame blocked out the sun, casting a cool shadow over where we lay. I registered only once he was there that I had slowly shifted so I was lying with my head on Elliot’s stomach.”
    Her poor dad, I can only assume how he felt about him and Elliot.
  • “A lot?” I asked, genuinely curious. “I suppose that depends on your definition of ‘a lot.’
    SO YES, a lot then.
  • Goodness they really did share everything together. Poor Danny and his boners would have never been able to compete with Elliot.
  • Wow, these people are SO tactless. At an adult picnic everyone should be able to just act like rational adults.
  • “Sean releases Elliot’s hand, turning to lay an enormous kiss on my mouth. And seriously, what the hell?”
    MAN Sean. Why do you have to be like that Sean? Now I have to like you less. HONESTLY.
  • All signs point to yes this picnic will end up in flames.
  • What is it this fascination with skating romance books have? I swear, in everyone. Maybe because it so accurately expressed “bearing yourself” or trying to pull yourself together.
  • Um well YES. he is learning it just because a boy he heard liked you, is learning it.
  • Wow they are such awkward and adorable teenagers talking about orgasms, STOP.
  • Sabrina is such a good friend. She’s such a gossip and I gd love it.
  • Oooh, going back to their childhood hang out town, of COURSE, they’re going to stay at her empty house down there.
  • Ah Emma comes to call again. She’d be a senior now right?
  • ““Emma? Prom Emma?” My insides froze. “Does he like her?” Andreas looked at my face and laughed. “Oh, this is so good.” “No, Andreas, don’t—” I hissed, frantic. “Elliot,” he called out, ignoring me. “Bring your girlfriend up here to meet your other girlfriend!””
    Poor Elliot. I mean not. but still. –Edit as I’m typing this and know the ending. Yeah, I mean if his brother thinks Elliot is dating both, there’s probably a REASON why.
  • Wow I would have never asked a boy I was interested in dating, but not dating at the time. But then again I never had a childhood friend like Elliot.
  • Sometimes when people mess up, you just want to rage and be angry and make them work for the forgiveness. I don’t usually do that or condone it. But I understand where people come when they say that.
  • Okay, betrayal, expected that one. But what could have Elliot done other than cheat??? And if it wasn’t anything more than cheating why didn’t she talk to him for so long. I mean I hate cheating, but 11 years of no contact because of cheating?
  • I just LOVE this book so much. It’s instantly a favorite.
  • Is she staying with Sean because of Pheobe and the fact that Pheobe will be motherless if she leaves? Maybe not consciously, but subconsciously definitely a bit.
  • Ha, that’s cute. Macy thought Elliot invited more people were coming to their Thanksgiving dinner. That’s cute.
  • HUMPH why are more people showing up!?!?? IT’S SUPPOSED TO JUST BE THEM.
  • I mean I can completely imagine what Rachel is thinking right now. Also why does the ex always have to be named Rachel. ALSO I mean I get that she’s hurt but still she’s kind of being a testicle. ALSO, (last one I promise) Macy really didn’t have any tact when she greeted her. How hard is it to parrot “nice to meet you too” back??
  • I mean yes Rachel is definitely hurt. Yes, Elliot was definitely thinking about his feelings more than hers when he invited her. But she, in turn, also accepted the invitation knowing Macy would be there.
  • I mean Des is only in this book for like a brief moment and wow he’s great. I love it.
  • I am not ready for them to attend Elliot’s brother’s wedding…
  • Elliot’s family is the worst gossip ever.
  • Elliot’s mom called Rachel “Macy” three times during dinner? Yikes. I’m feeling a bit worse for Rachel now.
  • Um… Macy and Elliot aren’t even together on NYE, IS HE GOING TO CHEAT ON HER?
  • UM WHAT? He thinks he was having sex with EMMA on the bed?
  • Oh my gosh
  • Oh my gosh
  • Her DAD T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T
  • I weep
  • 8/10—Okay wow, this book was so amazing and so good I loved every minute of this!! This is probably one of the best childhood friends-to-lovers I’ve EVER read. I wouldn’t really say this is romance. But it’s not quite literary fiction either. It’s something in-between… But I love it so much. This is definitely one of my favorite of Christina Lauren’s books. Second only to Autoboyography. She’s definitely an author I will continue to read.