By now you have to be wondering if my blog is anything but a Pride and Prejudice promotional page for a book that needs absolutely zero promotion whatsoever and you would not be correct. But I did get another P&P retelling book in the mail this week so…

Anyway, we’re here to talk covers, specifically why this 1894 edition of Pride and Prejudice by Hugh Thompson is my favorite. For starters, the gold foil that contrasts with the dark background is lovely. I imagine the green was a velvety fabric and it gives it a regal feeling to the book. If someone knows of such an edition please let me know ASAP.

Pride and Prejudice.jpg

I really like the symbolism of using a peacock for multiple reasons. Peacocks have always been symbolic of pride because up until 1975, we’ve thought the male peacocks have big tails to show off to the females and try and attract a mate. Being a prideful bird, it’s natural Thompson would choose this bird to represent Elizabeth and Darcy.

The bird seems to resemble Mr. Darcy more because sometimes it felt like he was flinging his wealth and fortune in Lizzie’s face for a good half the book. On the cover, the peacock seems not just to have a large, impressive tail, but the feathers are overflowing as if the bird just can’t help how large it is even though he did nothing to earn those feathers for himself. Very similar to how Darcy was just born lucky and inherited all his wealth.

Peacocks and their showing off just reminds me of etiquette and how it was back in England during those times. Everything was “do this and that,” but not that and this or this before that. It was a bunch of verbal and physical gymnastics making sure you said the right thing at the right time, no wonder Mary just didn’t give a shit anymore. Anyway, I love this cover and I love how well it fits the society and time and plot of the book. Props to Hugh Thompson.

Do you have a favorite edition of a book? Do you own multiple editions of a book? Let me know in the comments below!