The feel

It’s very rare that I think a movie captures the feeling of a book so well. I’m generally very pessimistic when it comes to book-to-movie adaptions see (Macro discussions: Movies and Books). But everything from the setting to the sets and costumes felt 100% accurate. I think Lana Condor portrayed Lara Jean’s insecurity and anxiety, yet down to earth expectations extremely well. Lara Jean has always been someone who was straight-forward and logical in her head, and didn’t budge and wasn’t afraid to tell Peter how she felt. And that quiet confidence, yet anxiety was portrayed very well.

The characters

tl; dr: The Song sisters were right on the nail. Lara Jean was charming and adorable. Kitty the mature, silly younger sister. Margot, the responsible mother-figure. Peter was way nicer in the movie. I outright despise Peter in the books, he doesn’t deserve Lara Jean. Josh was way more of a jerk in the movie than in the book.

The good

Peter Kavinsky is an adorable teenage boy who just wants to be loved. I loved him and Lara Jean together; they had this great dynamic going on. Their dialogue was sweet and silly but also serious at other times. I loved how much screen time they got together. It felt like just enough. I also like that Peter helped Lara Jean come out of her shell and try new things she might never have before.

I loved the interactions between Lara Jean and Kitty, and I also really liked the detail when Lara Jean notes “I just hope Kitty isn’t getting too attached.” I think it shows the attachment between the two. In the book, Lara Jean and Kitty kind of have a rocky relationship, they often don’t get along and get into fights. In the book, Kitty sends the letters out of spite, not wanting to help Lara Jean. But I like that they made them a little closer in the book.

And the bad

“SONG SISTERS STICK TOGETHER” This was such an easy thing to put into the movie. There’s literally a place for it, but instead, it’s the “Covey girls”? I DON’T FLIPPING THINK SO. I remember reading Margot and Lara Jean having their heart-to-heart and tearing up while reading it. I like that Margot and LJ still had that conversation in the movie, but it kind of was ruined. This was a way for the Song sisters to remember their mom and to stay connected to their Korean heritage, but it feels off and white-washed by calling them the Covey girls, instead of the Song Sisters. This thread encompasses this a lot for me: