Hello everyone, I’m trying to stay broad and cover a lot of different covers, but I have to come back to Victoria/V.E. Schwab’s books because most of her covers are beautiful and highly symbolic.

I will judge a book by its cover and I will not be made ashamed thank you very much. As much as we all love a good rant, here I will talk about book covers that I think are particularly good and why they’re good. As with almost everything on this blog, there will be a good deal of spoilers in these posts as good covers will always tell us something about the book they’re advertising. In the end, covers are advertising and if you don’t have a good cover it’ll be harder, but not impossible, to sell people on your book. Alright, let’s get to it.

Previously I discussed A Darker Shade of Magic, and now we’re doing to discuss the new Vicious cover. I admit it’s not my favorite book. I thought it was good, but definitely not my favorite Schwab book. But with the new release of Vengeful, the trilogy got a much-needed cover redesign and the new cover is glorious. Feast your eyes:


Okay, I’m sorry it’s a little blurry but unfortunately, I don’t have any physical pictures of it. Anyway, this cover is symbolic in a few very significant ways. First, the triangle is actually made up of human bones. That gives us a general idea of what this book is about; death. Death is a central theme in this book. The human remains generally symbolize the people who died or were sacrificed, beginning with Angie. It represents the people who were murdered by Eli when he began killing all people he found with superhero powers and all the people who become involved in the battle between the Victor and Eli.

The shape the bones are piled in could be a path Victor is walking on right now in his life. When Victor and Eli began their experiments and after Angie died, it began a lonely path, one marked with death. The shape could also be the tip of a bullet or a knife. As Schwab tends to lean towards and favor daggers, I’m going with that interpretation. It represents the very real danger Victor is in after he begins hunting Eli, and it represents the near-death experience Victor had to go through in order to gain his superhero powers.

Lastly, the position the figure on the book (presumably Victor) is highly significant. First, he’s completely alone on what we can assume is the tip of the knife. This shows that he’s completely alone in this situation. Victor can’t turn to the police and the person he used to trust and work with has turned on him, leaving him completely alone. This is also quite a bit of foreshadowing for the end of the book when Eli is killed and Victor is the only one who is left with the research they compiled together. Victor’s position at the tip of the knife also showcases his relationship with death. He’s always on a knife’s edge; at any point, he could fall off and it could all come crashing down. He’s always toying with death, coming just close enough to fall off by nearly killing someone, only to right himself again when he saves them and the person develops superhero powers. Which begs the question, is he a villain standing alone, or a hero?

What do you think? Do you like the new Vicious/Vengeful covers?