Wow you all probably think the only posts I write anymore on here are TTT, well for the last three weeks that’s true!! I’ve still been reading, I’ve just had some personal stuff going on; it’s been emotionally demanding and I just need to read to read. Hopefully some reviews will be coming forward soon, I even have some discussion posts in the works (of my head).

Anywayyy, Top Ten Tuesdays is hosted weekly by The Broke and Bookish and anyone is free to participate! This week’s topic is book series I’ve been meaning to start. Man, there’s a lot. Every time I look at my TBR I’m just reminded of how many books demand my attention and how I keep ignoring them by doing unproductive things (for me) like scrolling through cat GIFs and eating. You know, unimportant stuff. Alright, let’s go.

  • The Duchess War by Courtney Millan
    I have been planning for a long time to read some Courtney Millan. I’ve heard wonderful things about her books. This is listed as a series on Goodreads, but I’m not sure if it’s a consecutive series or if they’re unrelated.
  • The Wedding Belles by Lauren Layne
    Another series where I’m not sure if the books are unrelated or not. There’s not as many contemporary consecutive series as fantasy, so I’m not sure if they’re related. All I know is I get serious The Hating Game vibes from this book, and that’s enough for me.
  • Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn
    I love graphic novels. I love books by marginalized authors. This book is both; therefore I must read it.
  • Boxers and Saints by Gene Luen Yang
    I know I’ve had this on so many TBR lists lately, but it’s not at my current library, and it’s REALLY expensive. I’m moving in a couple months and I’ve already scouted out the library (Boxers and Saints is at my new library hallelujah) and I’ll be reading it as soon as I move.
  • Want by Cindy Pon
    The hype is REAL for this one. I don’t have a concrete idea of what the plot of this book is, but I’ve seen SO MANY people talking about how amazing this book is and I know I need to read it. That is all.
  • Gilded Cage by Victoria James
    I was ecstatic for this book when I heard about it, and when I finally was able to check it out from the library, I just wasn’t able to get to it. I have ambitions to, we’ll see if they are fulfilled.
  • Shanghai Nobody by Vann Chow
    This is an exploration of modern China and living and going through life. Chow’s story is all about finding yourself and finding love. I’m looking forward to reading this, particularly because I haven’t seen anyone talking about it.

Any mutuals? What series’ have you been meaning to get to but haven’t yet?