This was a super long book, so it’s going to be a super long post. #Sorrynotsorry

  • I dislike Aloysius Starkweather less after seeing what happened to his granddaughter, obviously he wasn’t always a prick.
  • Cecily is delightful, she has hustled Will in a matter of days of being at the Insitute.
  • Also I LOVE hearing other people describe other people being in love. There’s something very endearing about it.
  • It’s also weird to hear Cecily describe Tessa as shy because that thought has NEVER crossed my mind.
  • Ever since the end of Clockwork Prince and Charlotte and Henry’s conversation, they have been so close and my heart is so happy.
  • HENRY, his comments are rather amusing, but asking about the size of Benedict at this time seems a little insensitive.
  • Jem is completely inconsolable. Like if he doesn’t stand near/touch Tessa he will spontaneously combust, It’s so cute I’m going to barf.
  • LOL, why didn’t Tessa change out of her dress before going to the Lightwood’s estate,? Honestly….
  • So much for “converging when we find [the worm]” I guess.
  • Nepotism is alive and well in Shadowhunter culture I see. Charlotte is emotional and passionate, but why is that a bad thing???
  • Cecily knows it, Magnus knows it. It’s a wonder no one knows Will is in love with Tessa. I think the years have made him soft. He clearly isn’t as good at deception as he’d like to think.
  • Oh. My. Gosh. I suspected Gideon was ringing for trays just to see Sophie but really, a mountain?
  • I mean I know the clave draws upon the bible for instruction but punishing children for the actions of their parents seems hardly fair. I see adults are still apt at being hypocritical. Gideon and Gabriel are expected to know what went on in their house and to report it. But Gabriel, at least, is not a “real adult” yet.
  • If Clockwork Prince was high in action and drama, there’s nothing that compares to Clockwork Princess, SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED IN SO FEW PAGES.
  • Tessa and Will just need to be separated for their own good because neither can seem to CONTROL themselves.
  • Wait, so how are they going to rescue Tessa?
  • See, even Jem admits he’s not himself right now!!
  • I literally cannot take this sexism. Like what the hell does the consul think he is doing trying to make Charlotte into this weak person. I suppose the implicit message here is that he simply doesn’t want her to have a will. He wants control.
  • Ooooo, I just exhaled. Gideon is probably the second hero of this book after Charlotte. Gabriel has been endeared to me after seeing his loyalty and plan to lie to Consul Wayland. It is no small feat to challenge your unconscious bias after all.
  • GABRIEL. Obviously he is no longer endearing.
  • Oh. My. Gosh. Tessa’s gone. Jem collapsed. Jessamine’s dead. WHAT NEXT? Charlotte looses the baby? NO. This is WAY too much stuff to happen in a few pages.
    Mortifying is a bit of a light statement. I was wondering when this scene would come along and Jem would FINALLY realize Will’s love for Tessa. He’s been rather unobservant of Will lately. Moral of this story: don’t say things you don’t want others to hear unless they are actually dead or, you know, not in the room.
  • STOP. THIS IS TOO PRECIOUS. TOO HEARTBREAKING. Will and Jem are too much for my heart. Why are they SO GOOD TOGETHER.
  • Why are Shadowhunters so against magic? The mere idea of them existing is magic!
  • Ha. @ Magnus’ comment “All Lightwoods look the same to me”
  • All this dream talk, I’m honestly confused. Like are we supposed to read into the dreams or not?
  • Magnus being a true solid human being to Henry and not brushing him off. YES.
  • Another reason I would have sided with Downworlders in this series. Clearly they are superior.
  • OH MY GOSH—Sophie and Jem talking. Sophie was supposed to be lost in “thoughts,” though she might as well have spoken them allowed for how easily Jem read her expression. Jem isn’t allowed to know about Tessa’s feelings for Will. #protectJem2K17
  • I love how paring up everyone in this book doesn’t feel forced or unnatural; in fact it makes me so happy! Cassandra Clare likes it when all her characters have love interests, which I don’t know how I feel about it yet. But for these characters I like that they’re all together. At the very least, she does a very good job will fully fleshing out their relationships and making me whole heartedly ship them all. Except Tessa and Will/ IT WILL (get it?) ALWAYS BE TESSA AND JEM FOR ME.
  • Holy Mackerel. How are the Shadowhunters supposed to deal with the automatons who can withstand runes??
  • At this point, I’m just taking ALL of Tessa’s dreams (including the one with Ithuriel) as reality. It would be irresponsible not too at this point.
  • Is it just me or is the end of this book parallel to TMI #3 when (spoiler: Valentine is defeated by a lake as well?) Was that intentional?
  • Oh, well yes, I guess we could have expected sex. I mean Tessa and Will are about to die after all. What else is there to do when you’re about to DIE?
  • I feel like the beginning of the book with the trial and the beetles attacking the “inquiry” was almost like foreshadowing. Thank goodness the consul is dead. Can you imagine the repercussions he’d face when Charlotte and Co. return from Cadair Idris?
  • MAGNUS. His humor never ceases to delight me. I feel like Magnus has been witness to a disproportionately large number of Tess and Will’s intimate moments.
    STOP. Jem can’t be a Silent Brother, but then no mention of his body was made. WHY. My heart cannot take all this wishy washy stuff. STOP.
  • Yes, I’m quite satisfied with how Tessa defeated Mortmain. It seems appropriate especially because it’s SO obvious. But that is its brilliance.
    “It was a near incomprehensible tangle, the three of them, but there was one certainly, and that was there was no lack of love between them.”
  • Everything about this ending is so fulfilling. Like you just want all the characters to have their happily ever after. I don’t feel that closure with Jem, but it makes sense you’re not supposed to I guess…
  • LOL, no one knows about Cecily and Gabriel yet LOL
  • Tessa and Gabriel meeting the Herondales is as amusing as I expected.
  • Epilogue: Be still my heart and give me closure pls and ty
  • No, Will’s death is just too much and Magnus comforting her and I’m trying to hide my tears so my husband doesn’t see me crying over FICTIONAL characters.
  • Wait, WHY IS JEM ONLY MORTAL??? I just assumed he and Tessa would live together forever and never die. OK. Thanks for that alternate ending.
    9/10—Yes, this book was so much more than Clockwork Prince and it was so amazing and good. I’m writing this review up like 3 days after I finished it and I. AM. NOT. OVER. IT. I’ve never had this much trouble moving on from characters. A few thoughts:

    • SO MANY FEELS over the epilogue. OK, here’s my one grievance, why was there so little of Jem in it???? Like, we saw so much of Will in the epilogue and it was adorable and yes the children. But I wanted MORE of Tessa and Jem together now. Which is why I had to go and read Fanfic because it was just not fair and I’m not over it. I’m not over it. I’m not over it. For your enjoyment, after reading Fanfic for almost two days straight, here are my favorites!
      • This one about Jem and Tessa’s life after Clockwork Princess.
      • This one about about Tessa, Jem and Will during Clockwork Prince/Angel?
      • The one about a precious moment in Jem and Tessa’s life after Clockwork Princess.
      • This one-shot about Will’s confession scene from Will’s POV (don’t read this unless you want it to end you).
    • I like to refer to this book as “The love triangle to end all love triangles” because in this book Tessa ends up with both Will and Jem and all the fans are placated. But at the same time, I just really wanted her to end up with Jem. Like I said before, Jem and Will fill very different needs for Tessa and she seemed a lot more emotionally compatible with Jem than with Will.
    • Also Jem felt very un-Jem like in this book. He seemed a lot more moody like Will, and maybe that’s chalked up to his circumstance (I can understand that). But it also was a little frustrating to me. Like he often seemed like a completely different character; which is weird. The only thing that’s changed is his engagement to Tessa soooo…