Top Ten Tuesdays is hosted weekly by The Broke and Bookish and anyone is free to participate! This week’s subject is top fandoms I’m a part of. Apparently I forgot to post my TTT this week on Tuesday. Oh well, life happens! I was actually really excited to share this TTT because I feel like it’ll be a great way to make some new friends and also find out what other fandoms people are part of and what I else in the world I should be consuming media wise. Alright, let’s get to it!

  • Steven Universe
    I’ve written a couple of posts(?) about Steven Universe on my blog, or at least mentioned it a few times, because I honestly just want EVERYONE to watch it so I can talk about it with everyone. It’s such an amazing show; a children’s show that isn’t childish. Yes, this is more animation we need. And it’s literally gorgeous, every aspect of it is SO planned out and fits together so well. Just read this post on it.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Please, do not even talk to me about Legend of Korra because you will be sorely disappointed in what I say. I understand for some people it was a fresh take on the timeless, and YES IT IS TIMELESS, series. But for me it was seeing everything I loved about ATLA and seeing it twisted and off kilter. OK we’re getting off topic this isn’t a LOK hate post. I will not attempt to convey my love of this series because no words are adequate enough. Suffice it to say I watch it on an annual basis and will destroy you at ATLA: Trivial Pursuit Sokka-haiku style.
  • Harry Potter
    I kind of feel obligated to include this on the list because like WHO ISN’T?? I mean, yes, I do actually know there are people who don’t care about Harry Potter/don’t like it. A moment of silence for their souls. Anyway, I use to be a lot more involved with Harry Potter, I use to have an entire library of Harry Potter memes and use to look at them on a weekly basis before my laptop crashed and I lost it all (anywayyyy)… I still really like Harry Potter, but my love of it has cooled with each successive new release, starting with Cursed Child. Like for some reason I cannot bring myself to care about Fantastic Beasts all that much. I have little to no desire to read it ¯\_()_/¯.
  • Cartoons/Animation
    I mentioned Steven Universe and Avatar before, but I’m including a separate category for cartoons in general because I just genuinely enjoy animated movies/tv shows more than live action. There are a lot of smaller tv cartoons I have a lot of respect and love for including but not limited to Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, Bob’s Burgers, and Alex Hirsch’s new animated show (whenever that decides to come out, I’m confident I’ll love it). There are also a lot of animated movies I really appreciate, of course I appreciate the mainstream Disney/Pixar movies like Inside Out and Up. But I also have seen some other animated movies from small, independent film/animation companies like Long Way North and Kubo and the Two Strings which were both excellent.
  • Anime/manga
    I started reading/watching anime/manga when I was like 14-16 I think and my love for it has grown especially as I have branched out to new genres(?), age groups(?); Like Josei. Often times I’ll consume a lot of anime/manga and then back off for a while and return later. When I was a teenager, the only way to read manga/watch anime was illegally through fan-scans and online subbed videos, but I am SO ecstatic companies like Crunchy Roll and Funimation have cropped up in my adult years so I can legally consume anime. I’m still working on finding a better way to consume manga legally. I try to do it as honestly as I can. But this animation/comics are so entertaining and lovely. I have also learned a bit of Japanese and learned about Japanese culture quite a bit through viewing it. If you haven’t tried it, give it a chance, it might surprise you. Like books, there are many different types of manga/anime. The only common denominator is the style they are drawn in, which even varies at some time. I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty so sorry anime/manga experts; it would just take too long.
  • Pride and Prejudic (2005) with Kierra Knightly and Matthew McFayden
    This movie is utter perfection. I DARE you to fight me and not tell me this movie captures everything about Pride and Prejudice. OK, actually don’t because I have some opinions on it too. But I just love it so much, Elizabeth’s quick tongue and Mr. Bingley embarrassing himself is just too good. It honestly gets so much better the more you watch it.

Well that’s about it, I can’t think of any more fandoms. What fandoms are you a part of? Any common fandoms? Let’s fan over them together!