If you didn’t know already, I LOVE the Handmaid’s Tale. What I mean by LOVE is I think it’s a vital and important read. It was only written in 1984, but there are so many parallels between that world and ours. I read it again this year in reaction to the United States election and also in preparation for the Hulu Series which will be released on April 26 in about a month. The official trailer was finally released (yaaay!) and it was absolutely horrifying (ha no one is surprised). You can watch it below. And I’ll be commenting on some of the parts that stood out to me most below the video!

  • Right off the bat, the first opening scene is very symbolic. It shows literally how small Offred’s vantage has shrunk and how she has been reduced to seeing life through a window; as a viewer but not a participant.
  • “That’s how we let it happen” One interesting thing about this trailer is it gives many more details to how this all came about. It emphasizes how close our society is to the beginning stages of forming the Republic of Gilead (ROG). This is shown in protests. We see a woman holding a sign which reads, “A women’s choice is a women’s voice.” Which is parallel to the women’s protests we saw related to the election of President of the United States.
  • “I had another name” This is the first look viewers get at how women’s rights are revoked. Surely the very very minimum right we have it to be called what we desire. That’s something women in the ROG are stripped of immediately.
  • Luke is black. In the book, we know segregation is reinstated in the United States and black people are referred to as the “Children of Cain” I assumed Luke was white because of my unconscious bias (I’m sorry) and also because Offred makes no commentary on race.
  • Offred’s daughter being taken is probably the most emotional part of the entire trailer. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over hearing Offred’s deserate, “No please, please don’t take her from me.”
  • We see a brief look at the Ceremony where the Commander rapes Offred in an effort to impregnate her and I already want to barf.
  • I’m curious to know who Alexis Bledel plays as she’s shown twice in the trailer. The most obvious choice would be Ofglen, Offred’s shopping companion, as she’s seen informing Offred “there’s an Eye in the house.” Eyes are like spies for the ROG, kind of like their police.
  • Offred looses an eye at some point, we see her eye sewn shut, so I’m curious how that comes about. Especially because for 90% of the book Offred is very passive. Her only intent is to survive, but not fight back.
  • I always pictured The Commander and Serena Joy as young because he has trouble impregnating Offred and Serena Joy is supposed to be barren. But I guess they could have been younger.
  • “Better never means better for everyone” This is probably one of the most compelling quotes from The Handmaid’s Tale as it emphasizes how oppressive the Republic of Gilead is. The people who built the Republic of Gilead saw society crumbling, and to try and prevent that, they tried to find a way to make society survive. But because the people making the decisions are men, the ROG makes sure the society is better for men.

Well those are my initial impressions. Are you going to watch The Handmaid’s Tale? What are you thoughts about this trailer? Let me know in the comments!