• WELL WELL WELL turns out Romeo and Juliet were really in lust…
  • Wait, Runajo, is that supposed to be a modified name for Romeo.
  • Wait wait, Runajo is a woman, so it’s a gender bender thing now?
  • WAIT OK, TOO MUCH, Runajo’s not even a central character yet???
  • So I was thinking we’d be reading from the POV of Romeo and Juliet, but Paris seems to be the main POV, intriguing!
  • They’re like in a Zombie apocalypse, there’s a lot going on in this world.
  • Whoa, human sacrifices? This turned dark REALLY quick.
  • Wow, so since The Juliet is dead, this is going to be a m|m retelling of Romeo and Juliet right? RIGHT?? I AM SO HERE FOR THIS.
  • OOOOOH, everything got really exciting when Juliet came out of the Mouth of Death.
  • OK, so I took a break because it got a little confusing and I didn’t care enough about the characters, then I ended up dropping it around page 100