OK, let’s list some of the most popular YA dystopic novels:

  • The Hunger Games
  • Divergent
  • The Giver
  • Delirium
  • Uglies
  • Unwind

I have a love/hate relationship for dystopic books.

  • Note: The dystopic books I like the most are the ones low on action and heavy on discussion on ethics.

But the real question I have for these, today though, is why are a large majority of the characters white? I think that in the crisis of human kind, POC are not excluded from the suffering and ill effects governments place on their citizens. In fact, historically, POC have always been abused and dismissed by their government. So why is it in books about oppression, POC are almost never featured?

  • Note: We’ve already taken into account that the publishing industry is very white and biased and it’s harder to become a published author if you’re a POC.

I can think of two POC characters in “dystopic” books. The first is Minho (who apparently doesn’t have a last name?) from The Maze Runner. The second is Kenji Kishimoto from Shatter Me.

  • Note: I’m not counting Rue from The Hunger Games because she was expected (by readers) to be white in the books. Notwithstanding she’s played by a Black actress in the movie.

I realize this is a micro micro discussion, but it’s been floating around in my head for a time.

Can anyone else think of any other dystopic books with POC representation in them?