Micro/Macro discussion is something I’m starting because let’s be honest, life is hella busy and I don’t always have time to do a long in depth article (as much I want to). Micro discussions are launch pads to macro discussions. Micro discussions also might become macro discussions later on if I find more evidence/things to talk about/think about the topic more. Easiest way to say it: micro are short (maybe less than 200 words or something) and macro are long, in depth opinion pieces. Join in if you want and be sure to tag me so I can read your micro/macro discussion!

I was thinking about the discussions on Twitter about Carve the Mark, The Continent, Nevernight et al. Then I was thinking about how many people want books banned (and also for them not to be taught in school) because of sexual content, swearing, “mature themes” (whatever that means) etc.

  • Note: Is there a difference between book banning and saying someone shouldn’t read a book because of harmful content? Is it two sides of the same coin? I am not answering this, so don’t think I’m taking any side by observing it.
  • Note: Both parties are trying to protect others.

And I think it’s interesting to note, the people who want to ban books, they likely would never pick up on racial slurs in books, or they wouldn’t classify it as harmful.

  • Note: The fact that banners want books banned because of sexual content, swearing, “mature themes” (whatever that means) etc, but NOT because it’s racist or potentially harmful to people of color or LGBTQIA+ people, speaks volumes.

You’d think people would realize by now that your paradigms are not necessarily others’ paradigms, but no.

  • Note: I think it’s hard to talk to people who are much different than us and outside of our echoroom because:
    A. Some people do not want to listen
    B. Some people seem like they don’t want to listen
    C. People often hurt you because of the opinion they hold
    D. It can be tiring explaining the same thing over and over
    E. It’s hard
    F. All of the above

The one thing I’ve realized, shouting at someone does not make them want to change their mind and listen. It just makes them want to walk away.