Top Ten Tuesdays is hosted weekly by The Broke and Bookish and anyone is free to participate! This week is top ten characters I’d name my cat/dog/child after. For this category, I decided to break up my top ten into categories because some names I really like, but I wouldn’t name my child, but I would name my cat/dog/fish and vice versa. A lot of the names I like I really just like because of the way they sound.


  • Aria—Under the Never Sky
    For some reason ever since I read Under the Never Sky, I have adored the name Aria. I enjoyed Aria as a main character, and like Aria, music is a very important force in my life.
  • August—The Fault in Our Stars & This Savage Song
    I enjoyed the humor in the Fault in Our Stars and I really just enjoyed the sound of the name August. And after reading This Savage Song I’m completely sold. I love August as a character.
  • Violet—The Incredibles
    For some reason I just really like the sound of “v” in a word. Violet is also a fantastic character and she has such amazing character growth throughout the movie.
  • Alina—The Grisha Trilogy
    Despite not liking Alina as a character in the Grisha series, I adored her name.

Names for pets:

  • Paprika—Paprika and Blue’s Clues
    For some time now, especially since I’ve learned to appreciate paprika as a spice and enjoy cooking, I’ve wanted to have a orange cat with tabby markings and name him/her paprika. I just think it’s an adorable name.
  • Nimona—Nimona
    I recently read Nimona for the first time and was completely enchanted by the graphic novel. I would recommend it to anyone and the humor actually made me laugh out loud. Nimona was such a likable heroine and she was so inspiring.
  • Nix—The Girl From Everywhere
    I honestly just really like the sound of Nix’s name. But I also really liked her as a character too. She’s an amazing biracial heroine and she’s sucha  great character, except for the leading on Barry thing.
  • Baz—Carry On
    Baz was not quite the villian we all thought he was, but he was an enjoyable character to read about and has the best sense of humor in the book. How could I not want to name my cat after him?
  • Char—Ella Enchanted
    I really loved Char with all my heart. I was completely smitten by him in my youth and still now. He’s perfect. But seriously. Char would be a perfectly regal name for a cat, which is fitting since a good number of them view themselves as princes.

Well apparently I should have more pets than children because I obviously have more name choices! All the cats!! But seriously. What characters would you name your pets/children after?