TTT is a meme brought to you in all parts by The Broke and Bookish and this Tuesday list topic is: villains! I’m going to include not only books, but also movies, cartoons, tv shows etc. I also don’t really have a lot of favorite villains bc I like morally ambiguous characters. They’re honestly my favorite and it’s increasingly difficult to find black and white characters; which as far as I’m concerned is something to celebrate. So we’ll see how far I get with this list.

  1. Prince Hans of the Southern Isles
    Like I LOVE Prince Hans. I mean yeah, he’s a dirtbag who’s willing to let people die because he’s power hungry, but we all have our little vices. I mean, seriously he’s amazing and completely unexpected. In the end, he fell to all typical villain downfalls: he told his plan before it was actually complete. Dang. I mean, a very real warning to all people out there; don’t trust someone you’ve just met and don’t promise to marry someone until you know their true character. Also it’s easy to be deceived.
  2. Zuko
    I mean, yes. Zuko has the driest humor around and he’s such a slug honestly. The definition of a debbie downer, wait no, that’s Mai. But I love Zuko and his character is very benevolent, especially the third season. And he’s just so quirky and adorable, like he has the best catch phrases (I mean Sokka has good catch phrases too, but he tries waaaaaay too hard). He also caused my sexual awakening when I was 12. Anyone else? Oh, no one else. Are you sure? I mean come on he has like an 8 pack. Buttttttt anyway… his character arc is amazing. I LOVE his transition and his journey from wanting to capture the Avatar to restore his honor to making a distinct effort to make amends with all members of The BoomerAang Squad.
  3. Azula
    I mean, Azula is the creepiest person ever to grace the small screen don’t @ me (also I haven’t seen Game of Thrones so IDK anything about the villains there). But even though I think she’s nuts and thankfully (if you only watch the series) she stayed behind bars forever, she’s wicked talented and such a BAMF. 10/10 I would rule with her if I could. “Azula, Mai and Tai Li could burn the whole world to the ground and the Fire Nation can suck it.” –Me.
  4. Jan Van Eck
    I mean really this is just an excuse to rave about Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom, IDEC about Van Eck. But Van Eck is actually extremely cunning and smart to (highlight for spoilers) double cross the Dreggers this way. I mean I hate him and I want him to rot in a cell, but he did bring all the members of Kaz’s elite team together so I guess that’s something(?). Most I just like him because he’s in Six of Crows.
  5. Mr. Collins
    I mean he’s not reallllllllllllllllllllly a villain, he really just wants to get married and is a victim of society. But he’s actually the doucheiest douche to ever douche and threatened to throw Elizabeth and her family out and staged the most awkward introduction with Mr. Darcy and the earned a stellar .5/10 for his proposal score; he brought flowers—A flower—so he earned the .5. Please just stop and go marry Charlotte already, but actually you don’t deserve her either.

Well I tried, I really did, but the truth is, I like NOT liking villains. These are just my ~favorite~ villains I could think of. But some of them aren’t really my favorite, like Mr. Collins. So I guess technically it’s just a random list of villains I could think of now and something about them makes them memorable for me.

Who are your favorite villains? Leave me the link to your TTT so I can read all of them!