Sequel to Six of Crows (AKA the best heist story ever)

  • Whoa. For a second there, I though Smeet’s clerk was going to reveal Inej was back at the Menagerie and I was about to feel the utmost sadness for her. I mean she’s not at a better place, but healing the body is easier than healing the mind.
  • Omgosh, liking the way someone slouches. I mean, fascinated is kind of a weird word to choose. But the sentiment and implications behind it are adorable. Matthias is an angel. ~But I mean not a literal angel of course~ He earned 20 brownie points in my book. Which admittedly are not as good as ice cream points (since I like ice cream better than chocolate), but are still pretty good bc I mean it’s brownies.
  • Lol, Nina and Jesper would flirt with rocks if they could.
  • OMGOSH. I had so much anxiety reading about Inej. I mean I’m glad that was in the sampler, but STILL. ALKJSDOIFNXKLNEIJR:OIQW. OK, that was a lot to take in.
  • I love how believable this kidnapping is. Of course no one is going to believe 100 percent of the time they will be rescued or they won’t be rescued. Which I why I like that Inej constantly switches between the two. She won’t betray Kaz or the rest of them, but she also recognizes it’s not unsurprising or maybe not that unrealistic that Kaz would have already left Ketterdam. It’s not like Kaz has given her any reason to believe otherwise, even if he does go crazy when she’s injured or look at her a certain way or breath differently, honestly will ALWAYS be the bets policy.