I FINALLY finished my second book for the #ReadEmAllThon! Earned by Thunder badge!


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  • Interesting how Schwab quoted a line from Vicious at the beginning. I see you.
  • Wow Kate, way to go out of school with a bang.
  • Is this a post apocalyptic world or a parallel universe because there are huge man eating beasts. I’m giddy anticipating the descriptions.
  • How do I feel about Kate after chapter 1? Interested for sure, a bit perplexed too though.
  • And this everyone, is what it’s all about, writing like this shows the reader the world and allows him or her to explore it instead of telling him/her.
  • So August is the Flynn’s son, but not really. So he’s like Kell then?
  • Like Romeo and Juliet, but with monsters and they don’t kill themselves at the end: this is my prediction.
  • Are the lines on August’s arm the number of people killed by Sunai or something…?
  • The ethics of using ~people~ for your work is an interesting one because on one hand, of course people are not pawns for us all to use in our game of life. But what if keeping people in the dark is the only way to accomplish your task? Is that still using someone, or if you sincerely love someone and they just happen to have the ability to help you are you still using him/her?
  • OK, but what do the Sinai eat? Music by the sound of Paris and August’s conversation?
  • I hardcore love the song the girl sings on the subway.
  • Interesting, Leo is literally the definition of an anti-hero. He’s the benevolent (sanctioned) angel of death punishing those who commit crimes and creating monsters. But what are the qualifications for creating the different types of monsters?
  • Though the lens of already reading Vicious, I’m excited to see what this commentary on monsters is.
  • Leo literally drives me insane. Anti-hero be doomed.
  • I love we’re not sheltered from how the Sinai eat. I’m glad Schwab owns up to the description. I was disappointed when right after August arrives at the house to feed, the book cuts to Kate.
  • The lengths we go to be accepted by our peers. This violence clearly isn’t in Kate. Or at least at times she seems very conflicted. Like it’s a façade she constantly has to be aware of. Which is interesting considering she spends all her time engaging in monster-like acts, when in contrast August spends all his time trying to act more like a human.
  • I’m so 10000 percent relieved August kept the cat, the three pages he found and then brought the cat home MELTED my heart.
  • I love this discussion Schwab has continued about being a monster vs being human.
  • Kate feels really fake to me sometimes. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t actually have the violent streak she wishes she did. Like her interaction with Rachel who tried to befriend her. I don’t know how much I believe she actually savored the fear in Rachel’s eyes.
  • Thank you for the (almost) Ms. Congeniality reference, even if it won’t help with these monsters. I flipping LOVE Sandra Bullock.
  • OK, is it just me or are all of August and Kates’ interactions from August’s point of view.
  • Leo’s condescension is getting old.
  • Ummmmm. You know those characters who are just so precious and you want them to have a happy ending but you’re so nervous for them because you see no conceivable way it can happen. Bless his heart, that’s August for me.
  • I’M SO NERVOUS KATE IS GOING TO TURN ON AUGUST AND LET HER DAD AT HIM DO NOT DO THIS PLEASE SOS. I mean August’s shown Kate a lot of loyalty so it should be fine for her to like, trust him or something.
  • In the same way everything went crazy at the end of ADSOM and AGOS everything is going to pieces right here with August and Sloan and please I just want August to live.
  • Ilsa is dead??? WHAT ABOUT ALLEGRO!!!
  • FLIPPING LEO. I KNEW HE HAD NO SOUL! Also, he’s bypassed anti-hero and did not stop at GO did not collect $200 and stopped instead at critically-insane-villain.
  • 8/10 this book completely did it for me. Like EVERYTHING. Schwab is a master storyteller, I will read anything by her. I love August I tolerate Kate and will pre-order this sequel faster than you can say Verity.