• The Wrath and the Dawn; take two!
  • I can’t decide how I feel about this book.
  • I’m not a fan of the writing.
  • I think being dead might still make Shiva angry that her best friend is now married (happily) to her killer. But IDK, Shiva sounds like she was a stellar friend.
  • I think everyone must have gone a bit mad. I’m confused because Jalal was supposed to be the most loyal person to Khalid in the last book. He was always there, but then the second something goes amist, and Jalal knowing people spread awful rumors about Khalid, he attacks first and asks questions later. I mean, it just seems really out of character. I know it’s because Despina is sent away but still.
  • Also, why isn’t Khalid like telling Jalal where Despina is so they can go work it out. #unnecessarydrama. I’m not a fan.
  • Also, I’m losing a sense of realism here with this second book. The situation at the Bawadi camp and Shazi with Tariq is unrealistic at best, and flippant at worst. For some reason, I’m also losing a sense of emotional empathy for all of these characters and I have no idea why. I know they’ve suffered as much as other characters, but I’m just not interested in them…
  • So Shazi is trying to learn to control her magic by learning from Altan. And she’s also trying to break the curse AND she’s trying to help her father. But I don’t see how learning from Altan will solve all those problems. This isn’t explained at all.
  • Didn’t Shazi say she’s not going back to Rey until she can break the curse? I feel like she’s painted like she has all the resolve in the world and never gives up, but so far that’s all I’ve really seen her do.
  • So this is very frustrating. Like the city is in ruins and they’re all in “danger” and they just have sex and then fall asleep? Isnt’ there ANYTHING else you need to discuss??
  • Khalid is like “Whoa there, stay away from me.” Then the next minute he’s like “Lie with me.”
  • OK, I know the banter between Artan, Shazi and Khalid is supposed to be funny, but there’s a serious disconnect. It’s not humorous in any way possible.
  • So Shesha, the serpant thing is being uncooperative. Why isn’t that resolved? Like he just said it to say it? ASAFGHJK.
  • Like I’m not really even sure what’s happening anymore. I thought the invasion on Rey was supposed to be the day she’s actually taking Khaled to Artan’s aunt? I had to take breaks from this book, which is a shame because I at least could enjoy The Wrath and the Dawn. The timeline on this book is confusing and there are not enough pointers to help us follow along.
  • Why isn’t her fear of Shesha expressed right when Shazi actually sees the beast for the first time? Like I don’t understand the organization of this book. I swear.
  • Okay, so Artan said Shazi had to prove she could do basic magic in order for his aunt to help Shazi. But there was NO mention of any kind of magic. I just really don’t appreciate ill planned out books. Like I expect everything in books to be important because there’s only so much room in books. So when threats or “plot points” end up no where. I’m out.
  • Nope, that’s it. DNF at page 225. I’ll read the Wikipedia or ask someone for a spoiler if I want to know the ending. I barely remember the plot points of this book and everyone just seems to be really made and brooding all the time.

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