Guys, I just took this “Ultimate Harry Potter book vs. movie quiz.” Spoiler, it wasn’t the ultimate quiz, at least not for me. But it did start me thinking about some details in the books that I’ve forgotten and I remembered SO. Many. Feelings. So I’m going to share them with you here! Here are the top scenes in/aspects of the books that never made it into the movie. I admit I remembered some of these scenes because of the Buzzfeed quiz. Shame on me.

1.) Dudley’s peace offering
I mean, yeah Dudley was a huge bully and constantly tormented Harry. But his behavior was largely influenced by his mother and fathers’ parenting; much in the same way Gaston is egged on by the townspeople in Beauty and the Beast. But I was really touched by his peace offering, and obviously Harry was too (in his own way). His peace offering convinced me deep down he really was a good person, he was extremely misguided; but now that he’s see the light, he is trying to change.

2.) Hermione exposes Rita Skeeter
Like h*ll to the yes Hermione deserves this victory. I mean Rita Skeeter is an infuriating though hilarious character but poor Hermione. She’s constantly made fun of and she beats Rita Skeeter with her wits and cunning. She should have been given this triumphant moment in the movies. It just proves how much more of a BAMF she is.

3.) Fleur reprimanding Molly Weasley
Ah Fleur. She’s such a complex character. She’s talented and clever. Not to mention smart (she speaks two languages) and people often mistake her for being vain and stuck-up because she’s part Veela. Mrs. Weasley spends the majority of the 6th book believing this and it has always been my one, singular issue with Mrs. Weasley. She never gives Fleur the chance to show her true character. But Fleur is a sassy witch who doesn’t care about looks. She obviously cares about love and character.

4.) Harry gives Fred and George his Tri-Wizard Winnings
I love that Harry gives Fred and George his winnings. It shows a part of his character, and he might have given it out of guilt (because Cedric just died) but it was also a humble thing to considering he already has like a billion galleons sitting in Gringgots already.

5.) Harry faces the Sphinx in the Third Task
Can I just saying I LOVE the riddle the Sphinx gives Harry? It was so fun to read and to read Harry figuring it out. I loved it. I understand why they cut this scene from the feature film (for people who haven’t read the books, and maybe even some who have) watching this unfold might be a bit of a snore. But I love it!

6.) Hermione fights for House Elf rights
I don’t’ think I need to explain this, but Hermione fighting for House Elf rights is one of the best parts of the 4th book (Yes, I know there are many)! It’s easy to see why she would identify with them and resent how the wizards treat them. Even when people (mostly Harry and Ron but probably all of the Wizarding World too and then also the House Elves themselves) tell her to stop fighting, she keeps. On. Flipping. Going. Yes, Ron might be right, in a begrudging way, SPEW is a weird sounding name for it. But the cause certainly isn’t one!

What are your favorite scene from the book that didn’t make it into the movie? I’m sure I missed some! Tell me in the comments below!