Here, I discuss what kind of drinks different characters would be if they all were here with us in our world. What drinks describe their personality? Never mind what they drink in their world! Obviously speculation is a large part of this, so let’s get started!

I mean, is there anything that represents Ron as quintessentially as a beer? I dare anyone to challenge me. Rustic, country, comfortable. These are the words which describe beer and coincidentally are the essence of Ron Weasley.

So obviously if Ron is a beer, Hermione is a wine. Something sophisticated and has the ability of flexibility. Is not Hermione the most spontaneous person on the team? Like when she saves them LITERALLY every single moment of the book. Yes. I can also without a doubt see Hermione curled up with a glass of wine and a book.

Hagrid: Lemonade
Hagrid would definitely be lemonade, but a special lemonade. Like one that has sat in the fridge for days so it’s extra lemony. I don’t have a really specific reason for Hagrid being Lemonade, except it just seems like him.

Dumbledore: Margarita
Dumbledore’s personality just screams margarita because of how bubbly and silly he is. I would say the margarita can easily become misunderstood and Dumbledore was the same way.

Malfoy: Dirty Shirley
Malfoy, Malfoy, Malfoy. I mean, he literally takes most things in Harry’s life and makes them terrible and annoying. I mean to a kid, a Dirty Shirley would look harmless, but just like Malfoy it hides a terrible secret.

Snape: Dark and Stormy
iced tea
Yes. The name itself speaks to Snape’s soul, without even knowing what’s in it. Which also happens to describe Snape as he’s old fashioned (the ginger), but then also harbors fun times/treasured memories with Lily (the rum).

You probably realized I didn’t choose a drink for Harry, I wanted to ask you guys what drink you think represented Harry? What other drinks fit these characters? Let me know!