I’m so excited to start participating in Top Ten Tuesdays! TTT is a meme brought to you in all parts by The Broke and the Bookish and this Tuesday list topic is: About Me! I don’t have a lot of followers (and even if I did), I’m interested in getting to know anyone who stops by! These are mostly about books, but I did throw in some other random facts!!

  1. I get almost all my books from the library! I’m a little dirt poor, but slowly becoming able to buy more books via the power of Amazon. I’d like to thank the Academy. Holds are my life. And I don’t have any bookish photos on my blog really because all my books are borrowed. I’m working on the image thing. It’s also why I don’t have a bookstagram account. But all you bookgrammers are such an inspiration to me; I doubt I could think of so many wonderful arrangements.
  2. I try not to follow trends and read whatever I want, but honestly are a sucker for them. I’ll become infatuated by a genre and read all of it for a very long time. Right now, I’m on a fantasy binge trying to cross back into fiction; it really is my one true love.
  3. I love reading novels, but I love Manga too. I love learning about Japanese culture whilst I read them and some of them are just SO funny. Die hard funny.
  4. I like to picture myself blogging in a coffee shop eating a blueberry muffin with strudel on top. But more often than not, 10/10 times I’m writing on my couch/bed-futon with my husband next to me asking when we’re going to bed you said “in 3 minutes,” 9 minutes ago.
  5. Children’s books are my beloveds. The Lorax, The Quilt Maker’s Gift, The Great Kapok Tree and Magical Tales from Many Lands as well as many others have a place on my bookshelf.
  6. I assemble my books by author’s last name, regardless of genre. As beautiful as it is to arrange by color, my organizing nature leaves little room for creativity.
  7. Reading is my favorite past time, but Avatar the Last Airbender is defintiely second and Steven Universe is a close third! While I’m waiting in between Steven bombs, I read!
  8. Strawberry ribbons are my favorite candy and I love eating applesauce out of the little kids’ squeezable containers with the re-screwable top!
  9. I speak Chinese a little, HMU if you want to practice because the universe knows I need it.
  10. I just joined the book community like 4 months ago or something. I use to be immersed in a different community on Twitter but made the cross and I’m ecstatic to be here!