• The beer/sex comment was so appropriately funny.

• The chipmunk thing is just so hilarious I can’t fathom how it fits into place so perfectly. I love his relationship with his siblings; even if Simon can’t see how impossibly close his family is.Like the Facebook scavenger hunt. I wish I could persuade my family to do that activity every Christmas. And all the little traditions they have together. They are the stuff of happiness together. I think he feels about his family how we all feel. At first you get this kind of annoyed affection radiating off him. But then as the book progresses, it’s clear how attached he is to them. Which swiftly and quintessentially describes what family is all about. Sometimes embarrassing. Sometimes exciting. Sometimes mischievous. Sometimes bitter. But overwhelmingly, always loving.

• Peter at the bar is kind of my favorite.

• Well Simon certainly got over the alcohol thing. Though beers aren’t for everyone.

• Quirky, comical and fun is how I’d describe this read. But also with a lot of thought and deliberate decision making. I would say it perfectly captures the moral ambiguity of every decisions we as humans make. All the feelings the characters are having, even the minor characters, I remember having in high school. Every person in this book is morally ambiguous. Even Martin who did the douchiest thing to ever grace the presence of his life; something on impulse. Leah isn’t selfish or terrible, just lonely; Yeah, Simon made a lot of mistakes, but not intentionally; and I can understand why Abby was pissed momentarily at Simon for not telling her about the Blackmail thing. Plus Nora who also felt exactly like Simon did.

• 8/10, would totally read again. This book BELONGS in my personal library. All my children will read it. It’s hard to describe how I feel about this book. Like a quite reverence and inability to wish I had read this in high school.