So many feelings of the library! I never was able to buy a lot of books (I mostly got them for Christmas) so my bookshelf is a bit on the smallish side. But I’ve still read lots of books and 95 percent of them came from the library so, as you might expect, I have lots of strong, positive vibes about the library. Here’s some feelings I have about it!

1.) When your hold is *finally* ready


2.) When you walk into a library


3.) When you see your favorite librarian


4.) When you look up a book and it’s on the shelf



5.) Checking out books in the library like

packing books


6.) Going home with your books like

7.) When you finish all your library books before their due dates

tina fey


8.) When you have 13 holds available at the same time and only 2 weeks to read them


9.) When your due book can’t be renewed because someone else wants it


10.) When you move to college and the town’s library doesn’t have squat



11.) When you have to return the books because they’re due