Today, the hashtag #MyMomsbiggestmistakewas was trending on Twitter.

As I scrolled through the hashtag search, people posted various mistakes they felt their mother had made, and honestly, it disgusted me.

Of course, our mothers were’t and still aren’t perfect, but does that give us the right to point out all their imperfections?

What person can say they have never made any mistakes in their life?

After all, motherhood is a job that never ends. Not when you’re sick, not when you need a break; not even when you’re alone.

As the hashtag suggests, most of the people who tweeted were not actually mother’s and therefore have no experience in the motherhood department.

So all of these people were pointing out the bad without context, without compassion and above all, without love.

If we’re only going to point out the bad, why do we even have a day to remember Mothers?

What kind of a Mother’s Day is that?

We don’t talk about how our friend stabbed us in the back on her birthday or how many wars the U.S. has been involved in on the 4th of July.

The worst part of this hashtag is it shows how ungrateful people are for their mothers who gave up careers, dreams, sleep and so much more just to raise their children.

Out of 3,000 sum times it was mentioned, only a handful were positive.

Yes, mother’s aren’t perfect, but tomorrow isn’t the day to remember that.

Mother’s Day is a day to remember our mother’s and their sacrifices, we would do well to celebrate it this way, and tell our mother’s how much we love them and appreciate the hard work through all of these years.

We must show gratitude for our mother’s after all, not only would would we not be alive, we would not be the wonderful people we are without them.