I’m not an avid pinner, but lately I have seen a particular pin over and over and over again.

It’s called, “5 foods to never eat.”

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You might have seen it pinned somewhere on your feed, or maybe you’ve even watched the who-knows-how-long introduction video (I literally do not know how long it was because there’s not way to rewind, fast-forward or tell how long you’re in for the ride).

I’ve specifically never clicked on this pin because I’m always skeptical when people tell you exactly what and what not to eat.

But I wanted to see what all the talk is about so I gave in.

The weight-loss program is promoted by Isabel De Los Rios, and her introduction was a typical run-of-the-mill diet video.

It claimed you can eat what you want, the weight will “melt” off quickly,  and, of course, it’s “different” than anything other clients had tried.

De Los Rios constantly references and repeats these phrases throughout the video.

And like all diets, what it all comes down to is losing weight, getting the body you (and society) always wanted and being approved of.

To her credit, De Los Rios mentions being happy, healthy and comfortable in your body several times.

But from the beginning, those are the only things that should be brought up.

The problem with all diets is they emphasize the wrong thing.

They focus on what we want to look like, which is shaped by how society wants us to look like.

In the end, we’re not really dieting for us. We’re dieting for society.

The attitude of diets must change in this country, and the rest of the western world.

Our friends and family just say they want us to be happy and healthy. But is that really true?

I don’t think so. Because if it was, size 0 wouldn’t exist and anorexia and bulimia would never have come into play.

We brought these things upon ourselves. And now is the time to change and think about how we feel about ourselves.

We need to focus on what will positively affect our self esteem and self worth. Because ultimately that is what will set us free from societies expectations and allow us to truly be ourselves.