We all know about those who opposed the sustaining during the Saturday Afternoon session of General Conference today.

What soon followed was numerous tweets making fun and criticizing “the haters.”

To be frank, I was opposed to the activity that was on Social Media after the opposition was dealt with.

And yes, maybe the way the opposition was expressed was not appropriate or respectful, but we’re not taking about them right now, we’re talking about us.

We are continually told that asking questions is acceptable.

Speaking our mind and voicing our concerns is not easy, and we should not make fun of those who have the courage to step forward with concerns.

Regardless of what they did or how they did it, we do have control of our own actions.

At the very time prophets and apostles are telling us to be kind and compassionate, we are making fun of those who may disagree with our views.

Are we not being Latter-day Hypocrites?

I don’t think this is what General Authorities would have us do, or what Christ would have us do for that matter.

At a time when others have questions or disagreements, it is not the time to make fun of them and to “sit down and be quiet.”

This is the time to show the members, who maybe feel they are on the outside; that we want to understand. That we want to decrease the contention and be “united as one.”

Let’s not waste this opportunity.